Managing Effectually

Set goals - plan - act: That´s the basic pattern of causal management logic as it is taken for professional in textbooks and boardrooms alike. On the other hand, managers frequently have to make decisions in environments which are hard to assess and where setting fixed goals simply doesn´t work. Those are situations, in which the decision habits of experienced entrepreneurs known as "effectuation" outperform causal management logic. We support managers in becoming capable to act based on existing means and networks at hand when the environment is rough but shapeable by entrepreneurial action.


  • The environment is constantly changing - how to deal with that fact?
  • Short in time, resources and budget - how to stay capable of acting?
  • Our markets are on the decline - how can we open up new opportunities?
  • How can we make better use of the entrepreneurial potential slumbering in our organization?
  • How can we leverage surprises, unplanned events (ever changing) constraints?
  • Forecasting does not work - how can we lead the way both courageously and responsibly nevertheless?
  • What are viable alternatives to setting fixed goals and developing sophisticated plans?
  • How can management be organized in unmapped territory?
  • Can management be built on existing resources and success - and not on perceived weaknesses?
  • How can entrepreneurial effectuation be combined with causal management logic?