Being Innovative

Innovation goes by other rules than daíly business. The longer the success story of a business, the harder it gets to keep up the innovation spirit. How well one does depends a lot on how management and members of the organization approach and organize their innovation efforts. Latest research provides a lot of insights into how innovation power can be unleashed and fostered - without changing the whole organization or taking reckless risks. We support the transfer of that knowledge to your business.


  • How to raise and nurture entrepreneurial action throughout the organization?
  • What can be done to activate the potential for innovation slumbering within the firm?
  • Which surrounding conditions boost innovation power?
  • Which constraints should be eliminated?
  • How can smart people be supported in cooperating throughout and beyond the company?
  • Which measures would increase the odds for radical innovation?
  • How does one get moving - low in risk and in investment?
  • How to actively create (not merely find) entrepreneurial opportunities for new products, services and even markets?