Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Culture

Would you consider your organization entrepreneurial? Has entrepreneurial reasoning become second nature to all members of the organization? Entrepreneurial reasoning has become a commonplace for almost any job description or employment ad. But what is its essence? Recent research has discovered a number of elements which clearly distinguish entrepreneurial from managerial reasoning. Those elements are independent from traits and personality thus they can be learned and applied by anybody. We question myths and promote facts about entrepreneurial reasoning and support organizations in becoming more entrepreneurial.


  • What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?
  • (How) can entrepreneurial reasoning be taught and fostered in existing organizations?
  • How can people be encouraged to be entrepreneurial?
  • Which structural and organizational factors constrain intrapreneurship? How can those be overcome?
  • What does it take to implement entrepreneurial (effectual) cells within given structures?
  • How can intrapreneurship be balanced with the need for continuity and stability within an organization?