Being innovative goes by other rules than doing daily business. The longer the success story of a business, the harder it gets to keep up the innovation spirit ... <more>

Managing effectually. Set goals - plan - act: This is the basic pattern of causal management logic as it is considered professional in textbooks and boardrooms alike. On the other hand, managers frequently have to ... <more>

Strategic thinking simplifies life tremendously when facing the question "What to do next". Strategy is usually rooted in predictions of the future: When we can´t plan (in lack of predictions), we need to move fast and adapt quickly. We argue for a third, control-based option ... <more>

Leading effectively is no easy task and definetely not a wide-spread craft. Hierarchies, goals and plans usually restrict freedom of design in leading a group of people to a narrow path. However, ...

Managing R&D projects is subject to project management. Recent research indicates, that espacially projects with a high degree of innovation perform better when tackled effetually ... <more>

Fostering an entrepreneurial culture. Would you consider your organization entrepreneurial? Has entrepreneurial reasoning become second nature to all members of the organization? For many organizations ... <more>