Workshops and Seminars

Entrepreneurial expertise is nothing magical - it can be taught. Everybody can learn to think and act entrepreneurially and become an Effectuator. However, every single individual will, based on her means, develop a very specific entrepreneurial style.

Our workshops and seminars contain both general elements to convey understanding of effectuation as well as specific elements to apply effectuation to the task at hand.

INTRO (1-2 hrs)

INTRO-workshops give a brief interactive introduction to effectuation. They can be booked individually or as part of a broader training program.

EXPERIENCE (3-4 hrs)

These half-day workshops give both an overview of effectuation and leave room for interactive exercises to gain first practical experiences with the concept.

INTENSIVE (1 - 2,5 days)

In our INTENSIVE-workshops and seminars participants will get to know effectuation through a set of experiential exercises directly related to their specific business and job environment.

EEE (evening event)

EEE stands for our Effectual Evening Events, offered as an option to your workshop or seminar. Our EEEs guarantee for an entrepreneurial experience for all senses ...

Together with you we identify initial target groups for effectuation workshops and trainings and develop roll-out plans and models to spread entrepreneurial expertise throughout your company.