Challenged by uncertainty?

Are you doing business in a dynamic and unpredictable environment? Does the success of your organization depend on acting entrepreneurially - despite not knowing all relevant facts? Are you challenged by uncertainty? If the answers are yes, effectuation intelligence might offer you services worthwhile considering.

What we offer

effectuation intelligence supports your organization in a mission-critical task: converting uncertainty into opportunities. Our services are based on effectuation, a mind- and tool-set for creating the future without predicting it. Expert entrepreneurs prefer and apply effectuation as a consequence of their long-term experience of action under uncertain conditions. effectuation intelligence brings the essence of their learning to the corporate setting. We act as scientific partners and professional consultants, who do not prescribe standard success recipes but adapt latest scientific discoveries to your unique situation.

Like to try it?

Would you like to become an effectuator? Act! Instead of spending too much time in predicting and planning, do what can be done - based on given means. Start by putting your identity, corporate culture, knowledge and your network to work, without bothering about competition. Invest only what you can afford to lose instead of speculating about expected returns. Leverage the surprises and contingencies that you face on the way instead of trying to avoid them. You don´t have a business model yet? Most successful entrepreneurs don´t have one when they start acting. Become entrepreneurial - step by step - with effectuation ... not only as an individual, but also as a team, a department or an entire company.